Merlene Ransdell Gallery, Cortez, Southwest Colorado

The Desert Profiles Series by Merlene Ransdell, Cortez, Southwest Colorado

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The Fields of Ben M'Hidi, ©1997 Merlene Ransdell, Cortez, Southwest Colorado - All Rights Reserved
"The Fields of Ben M'Hidi"
©1997 Merlene Ransdell
Reflection of Zerizer Zerizer, ©1997 Merlene Ransdell, Cortez, Southwest Colorado - All Rights Reserved
"Reflection of Zerizer Zerizer"
©1997 Merlene Ransdell
About the Artist

Travelling extensively overseas has provided Merlene Ransdell, a native of Cortez, Colorado, with firsthand knowledge in a variety of subject matter. During a five year stay in Saudi Arabia she accepted several commissions for paintings of the royal family (e.g. the king, crown prince and first deputy premier, from major industrial complexes for their office buildings in the industrial city of Jubail.)

Merlene's pencil renderings of Arabs, especially the various merchants, were very popular among her expat friends, for which she always maintained a backlog of commissions. Also during this period she presented oil and pencil art classes. Due to the generous sharing of her talent, these classes quickly gained a reputation of exceptional instruction and were always well attended. Upon her return to the U.S. she became active in the Gifted Children Program teaching art in the local school system.

Merlene is essentially self-taught through observation and considerable research in the extensive art library she has collected over the years. While working well in most mediums, her preference is oils and pencil. Pencil she considers fun and relaxing, a way to "unwind" after the demands of oil portraiture. A major factor in the artist's success over the years has been her style and attention to detail. In the tradition of many of the old masters she achieves a photo likeness of her subjects which has been well received by her clients.

Merlene's works have been exhibited in Los Angeles including Gene Mako's first time all vignette exhibition at St. Mary's College; Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah; Sedona, Arizona and most recently in Durango and Cortez, Colorado. Merlene and her husband returned to Cortez three years ago after a thirty-seven year absence. Their plans are to retire here where it feels like home with many friends and relatives.

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